I have been a client of Emma’s for a few years now aand i am a great believer in her skills as a health specialist.

understandably my friends were confused when i mentioned that i went for an electrodermal scan twice a year,
I told them it was like a personal MOT that i had been doing for years and they instantly decided that the homeopathic medicine and diet plan prescribed was, no doubt the reason i was always so happy, healthy & full of life !
Rebecca Goodward – Amersham, Bucks

What is Kinesiology? It is the Future of Medicine!
It is a quick non-invasive, effective method of assessing how your body is functioning. It accurately monitors your nutritional levels, hormone balance, food sensitivities and allergies,environmental sensitivities, toxin levels and the health of internal organs using a process called biofeedback. The results then allow an individual tailored programme to be made in order to help and support the client in reaching their optimum health state. It can be used for current symptoms or for PREVENTATIVE care.

Why Try Kinesiology

Testing Muscle Response

Kinesiology is a way of assessing imbalances in the body by testing a muscles response to gentle pressure.

Assessing Imbalances

Findings will enable the practitioner to determine structural, emotional, nutritional, electromagnetic and acupuncture meridian imbalances in the body.

Entirely Bespoke Treatments

The therapist will determine the most effective treatment which will be entirely bespoke to each and every client.

For All Age Groups

Kinesiology is a non-invasive treatment, and is suitable for people young and old.